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005 | Quarantine Crossing w/ Beardy

June 25, 2020

As Long As We Got Each Other

WELCOME to episode 5! FIVE! That's so exciting and so sad at the same time. It's ok though, because as long as we got each other, we got the world spinnin' right in our hands. Yeah, that does sound familiar, doesn't it? Guess you'll have to listen to figure it out. 

Speaking of listening, it wouldn't be a podcast in 2020 without talking about the pandemic and quarantine living! Beardy McWhiskey, the man who broke up with me and ended our previous podcast is back for another episode of The Talking Place. We discuss a few things, but we focused on what's new with us as we live the quarantine life. We talk about why you're an asshat if you don't wear a mask, Beardy walked us through making an Old Fashioned, and to liven up the mood we talked games! A few were mentioned, along with our thoughts on next gen, but Animal Crossing stood out, of course. 

A few things were mentioned but no details were given during this episode:

I'm starting to stream games more! I've put Animal Crossing and Pokemon down for a bit and figured I needed to get my survival instincts up. So I've been playing Fortnite and Destiny 2 and streaming it when I do. Nothing crazy, I just hit broadcast and go from there. So check me out on Twitch and subscribe if you'd like. 

Lastly, there's a new voicemail number! I talked about it and how it's new but I never gave it out. So if you want to give the show a call to say hi or whatever, it's (407)906-TALK!

Beardy's Old Fashioned - (42:50)
Games! - (01:09:48)
Animal Crossing - (01:14:33)
Voicemail - (01:26:25)

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