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006 | The LEGO Life w/ Matt Ulvila

July 2, 2020

LEGO Loving Fools

It's been over a year in post-production but I'm finally getting this episode out! Once again, apologies to Mr. Ve6a5 for slacking so much. But hey, if you're a fan of LEGO, this one's for you! 

Matt has been building bricks since he was a kid. Me, not so much, but that doesn't stop us from going on about one of our favorite hobbies. It may be a little dated, talking about sets that come out "next year" and now listening to it they are already on shelves, but you can't put an age on the passion! 

We went on about earliest memories building sets, what our favorites are, why we love collecting, the LEGO video games, and more! It was definitely a fun time talking to Matt and I hope one day he'll join me again for an updated show that I promise to put out in a more timely manner haha. 


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