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008 | Raising Boys & Capitol Siege w/ Beardy

January 13, 2021

Ani-mani, and Totally Insaney

Beardy and I are back and we're tackling the heavy hitting issues of today. Like when is the best time to take down your holiday decorations. How you should decorate for Valentine's Day. And much more! 

We get into the excitement and adventure that is raising boys. It's a full-of-surprises kind of experience where one minute you can be greeted with a hug, and five minutes later you're staring down the barrel of a nerf gun listening to the demands of a terrorist. Good times!

Speaking of terrorists, the U.S. Capitol was sieged last week. And while I typically stay far away from such topics, we couldn't resist touching on this historic event. We shared our thoughts and we both felt like we held back from being more blunt. But bottom line is nothing positive or any understanding reasoning  can be taken from the events of that day. 

Anyway, topics got away from us and it turned into a 1.5 hour show. Who knew! Hope you enjoy and stay safe till next week. 


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