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009 | Best Games of the Generation w/Beardy

January 20, 2021

Survey Says!

Two shows in a row! One more, and it'll probably be some sort of record for me. Also a record, is the amount of shows done by two guys who quit their last show because they could never get together to record. (That's us!)

Yup, Beardy and I are here another week and we're back to our old gaming antics. But we're not discussing current trends and the new hotness. No, we're going back over the past 7 years and talking about the best games and experiences of the last generation. PS4 and Xbox One gave us some of the most memorable games of all time. So it's only right to go over them.

And, apparently, I was bored enough one day to put together a census on the last gen of games. It was extensive, it was detailed, and it was probably looked at for 5 seconds and closed by many. But a few kind souls spread out through a couple of different communities took the time to fill it out! So what stood out? Let's see.


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