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011 | Today’s Positive w/ Elaine

February 3, 2021

Today's Positive: An awesome show

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! On this, the 3rd day of February. Elaine, etdragon, OG,  pioneer of pioneers, originator of originators, was awakened at sunset from her trash panda haven, and spoke to me in Elainese and said: I will join you on your show! 

So here we are! Still in Groundhog Day mode like we wear top hats, this is episode 11 and I'm joined by Elaine! We went over a ton of topics ranging from kids and the absolute joys of parenting them, how it was putting out podcasts waaaaaaay back before the internet was invented, and going through gaming fatigue. 

But most of all, what I think is the main focus, is our talk about mental health. We got into a deep conversation that led down many paths. Discussions about why finding the positive of a day is important, and what led to an alcohol free life. 

This episode was real, candid, and meaningful. I'm super happy to have had Elaine on and we both hope the show is heard on the many levels it was broadcasted on. 


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